Genchem’s R&D center is a provincial recognized enterprise technology center, Jiangsu polypeptide and its derivatives pharmaceutical API engineering technology research center, Jiangsu outstanding postgraduate workstation. R&D center is located in the riverside economic development zone, Changzhou, Jiangsu province, with a total area of 2000 square meters, with gas chromatography analysis instrument, high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) instrument, PH potentiometric titration instrument, Karl fischer moisture measuring instruments, such as testing equipment, has a chemical synthesis, chemical preparation, chemical analysis and multiple subjects such as intellectual property management professional research and development innovation ability.


R & D center has more than 40 scientific research and technical personnel, 90% of whom have bachelor's degree or above. The center has extensive and in-depth cooperation with process institute of the Chinese academy of sciences, Nanjing Normal University, Changzhou university and other domestic colleges and research institutions


Our company is committed to the polypeptide compound new technology research, invests a large number of funds in the research and development every year, has constructed the perfect research and development innovation system and the appraisal reward system. Our company emphasizes highly integrated research and development, engineering and production, and closely connects product production decisions with product research and development, so that the whole system can be continuously improved in efficiency and product improvement, and can quickly and successfully transform scientific research results.


After years of continuous investment and active efforts, our company's R&D center has made outstanding achievements in product development and technological innovation:

• in 2012, recognized as a foreign-funded research and development institution inJiangsu province

• in 2014, approved to build Jiangsu polypeptide and its derivative pharmaceutical API engineering technology research center

• in 2014, recognized as Changzhou enterprise technology center

• in 2016, identified as Jiangsu enterprise technology center

• in 2018, awarded as the outstanding postgraduate workstation of Jiangsu province


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