R&D center is authorized by Jiangsu province as Jiangsu polypeptide and derivatives API engineering and technology research center, and Jiangsu outstanding graduate practice platform. R&D center is located in the riverside economic development zone, Changzhou city, Jiangsu province, with a total area of 2000 square meters, 

which is equipped with GC, HPLC, PH potentiometric titration, Karl fischer moisture measuring and other high-tech analysis instruments, serving the chemical synthesis, reagent/intermediate preparation, chemical analysis, IP management and research, technology innovation and other programs.


With more than 40 peer-recognized scientific research and technical personnel in employ, the R&D center has extensive and intensive cooperation with the institute of Process Engineering of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Nanjing Normal University, Changzhou University and other domestic colleges and research institutions


The annual funding investment in scientific and technical research of the R&D innovation platform, and the evaluation criterion enable Gen strives to continually develop the new technology research of polypeptide compounds and active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs). The highly integration of R&D, engineering and production and productive strategy enables whole system can be improved continuously and the research achievement scan be transformed efficiently.


For years of sustaining investment and efforts, R&D center has obtained outstanding achievements in productive development and technological innovation:

• 2012, regarded as a foreign-funded research and development institution of Jiangsu province

• 2014, approved to build Jiangsu polypeptide and derivatives API engineering technology and research center

• 2014, regarded as enterprise technology center of Changzhou city.

• 2016, regarded as  enterprise technology center of Jiangsu province.

• 2018, awarded as the outstanding graduate practice platform of Jiangsu province


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