Human resources


Vice general manager1 person

Job responsibilities:

·Responsible forprocess amplification and guide production to complete batch record;

·Responsible for supporting  process technical data collation, and communicate and coordinate with related departments

·Make plan summary on time and report to superior.


·With experience in GMP API or pharmaceutical formulation management ;

·With training in fine chemical management, safety and environmental protection,equipment engineering project management, etc.

·Havestrong communication skills but also organizational skills.

Quality director 1person


Organize to establish the quality management system and the necessary management system for its implementation.

Organize the formulation and implementation of medium and long term development plansfor quality management, and supervise their implementation;

Organize to establish a quality information management system to keep abreast of the progress of the quality system.


More than 10 years experience in GMP API or formulation quality management.

Familiar with FDA or GMP regulations and quality management system.

Good communication, organization and coordination skills, but also good execution skills.

ProductionDirector 1 person

Job responsibilities:

. Responsible for the overall management of the production of APIs and formulations;

. Establish production post setting, staffing and scheduling system, solve problems during the production;

. During the construction of the workshops, carry out in accordance with the progress of the project construction plan in collaboration with the engineering, Quality,R&D personnel and so on.


. With experience in production management of APIs and Formulations with GMP, experience in workshops construction priority;

. Familiar with GMP and registration regulations, familiar with the management and operation of the workshops for APIs and formulations;

. Strong communication and organizational management skills.

Personnel Director/Manager 1 person


.Overall coordination of the company's human resources management work,formulation of relevant work plans, and supervision of implementation.

.Establish and gradually improve the human resources management system, research and design the human resources management model (including recruitment,training, performance, salary and staff development) which is in line with the characteristics of the company's industry, formulate and improve various personnel management systems.

.Committed to improve the company's internal comprehensive management level,control personnel costs.

.Handle major personnel issues in the process of company management effectively and timely, and guide staff career planning.


.Full-time bachelor degree or above, major in human resources management,enterprise management, business administration or liberal arts;

.More than 10 years of human resource experience in large manufacturing enterprises, including at least 4 years of supervisory experience in human resource department;

.Familiar with relevant national policies, laws and regulations, have a deeper understanding of the various functional modules of human resources management,and can skillfully guide the work of each functional module;

.Strong communication and expression skills, analytical and judgment skills,organizational and coordination capabilities, planning and implementation capabilities, affinity;

.Under 35-45 Years Old , Priority of Changzhou Settlement


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