About Us


After years of ups and downs, GenChem & GenPharm insists onscientific and technological innovation, integrity management, people-oriented grown to be of high -tech enterprises for the synthesis of medicine and pesticide intermediates. We are adhering to the concept of "innovative technology, innovation and better life ", and constantly improve to meet customer requirements. 

Today, GenChem & GenPharm’s goal is clear, to create and develop its own brand, develop and manufacture products from amino acid protecting agent to protected amino acids to peptide compound, and try to make adifference in the field of biotechnology, we constantly tell the new comers what we’re going is a great cause, what we face is a door to the world, and we’llgain more hope.

We have to keep a clear head, based on the ambitious vision with global perspective. Looking ahead, bold and aggressive but cautious. 

I am proud to be able to dedicate my best days to GenChem& GenPharm, I am very pleased to cooperate with the renowned enterprises,contribution to the quality of products, absorb compatibility and their advantages.  

GenChem & GenPharm respect the concept of sustainable development, safety and environmental protection, and put into the practice ofthe scientific enterprise development,  we will accomplish to create amore prosperous, beautiful, safe, and healthy world. 

I am grateful for the concern, trust of GenChem & GenPharm from my dear customers, leaders and friends;  

I am grateful to our employees and their hard work,dedication, and together with me, fighting in the front of production, sales,management, they are like the sun and the breeze, shining across these days, makes life colorful .

Together, let’s wish Genchem & Genpharm to built a longlasting future!


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