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◇ Focus on environmental sustainability; environmental pollution prevention.            

◇ We strive to reduce the consumption of natural resources, actively use clean energy, and strive to minimize the impact on the environment in our business and manufacture.            

◇ Zero injury, occupational disease and environmental pollution; build an intrinsically safe enterprise to ensure the safety and health of employees.


◇ Safety policy:

Safety first, precaution crucial, treatment comprehensive.

   Full participation, continuous improvement, scientific development

◇ Environmental policy:

Abide by laws and regulations, green production;

Comprehensive management, continuous improvement;

EHS system

◇  systematic risk management to identify and evaluate business risks of the company, actively prevent and effectively respond to emergencies to reduce the possibility of EHS accidents and negative events and the severity of their consequences.

◇  strive to protect our employees with professional management tools, effective management procedures and continuous employee training. We will continue to invest sufficient resources to progressively achieve essential security.

◇  strive to reduce risk and ensure business continuity.

◇  avoid environmental pollution and strive to provide a safe and healthy working environment for employees and partners.

standardize EHS management of the company in strict accordance with the requirements of safety standardization, environmental management and other systems.



Have a sense of leadership, territorial management, linear responsibility, full participation, continuous improvement, responsibility care, excellent operation, green pharmaceutical



"people-oriented" core values, protect interests of staff as a work starting point, promote the staff's value realization and the comprehensive development, protect the psychological health of employees, improve the cohesion of the enterprise, employees and companies grow together.


Social Commitment

◇Constantly adapt to the changing market competition environment, adhere to the principle of combining internal and external supervision, carry out various activities related to business ethics step by step according to the requirements of current laws and regulations, and build a business ethics system in line with the international market environment and China's national conditions.


Sustainable supply chain

Our company has always integrated the concept and requirements of social responsibility into the enterprise's supply chain construction and material procurement process, focus on promoting the procurement and use of recyclable materials, compliance procurement, green procurement, constantly improve the social responsibility consciousness of the supply chain, committed to creating a sustainable supply chain.



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