Quality system


Quality policy:


Craftsmanship, excellence, customer first, innovation and development.


We achieve our quality policy by establishing a quality system.

We are committed to making our products  safety, effectiveness and high quality.

Professional teams create excellent quality, quality is our common responsibility.


Excellent product quality is the responsibility of every employee, every production operator and every management staff have to put quality in the first place. Since the establishment of the company, Genchem has been implementing our quality policy. On this basis, we establish and improve a scientific and strict quality assurance system, build and continuous improve quality culture, implement ISO 9001 and ICH standards, continuously improve the quality management.


Genchem strives to create an open and transparent quality environment and encourages every employee to make rational recommendations for quality improvement through the normal channels of the company.


It is the commitment of every Genchem employee to ensure that the products and their manufacturing processes meet the safety, effectiveness and quality requirements continuously.


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