Human resources


Human resource is the first resource of Genchem, and is the motive force for the survival and development of enterprises. We adhere to the concept of "people-oriented", pay attention to personnel training, create a corporate culture atmosphere of mutual trust and respect for the growth and progress of employees, create the necessary conditions for staff's technological innovation and management innovation, Committed to building an enterprising, pragmatic and innovative fighting team, Reward and praise employees who have outstanding performance and contributions.

We focus on incentives and sharing to continuously improve the pay and welfare system, actively promote the performance management system, so that employees and enterprises can share operational achievements. We use internal selection recommendation and external introduction to gather talents. Through the establishment of multi-channel career channels to develop talent, retain talent. We believe that every employee can constantly improve themselves, and look forward work together with every employee.

We appreciate people who are down-to-earth and willing to do things. We also respect those who are brave in innovation and responsibility. High professionalism are highly respected by us; we emphasize system management, and employ people with their strong points, regardless of style. To explore talents is what we have been pursuing


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