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Genchem’s postgraduate workstation was awarded as "outstanding postgraduate workstation of Jiangsu province in 2018". Pageviews:21 release time:2018-12-21

Recently, in the selection of "excellent postgraduate studentworkstation of Jiangsu province in 2018" organized by theprovincial education department, the Jiangsu graduate studentworkstation jointly built by Genchem and Nanjing Normal university wasawarded as "excellent graduate student workstation of Jiangsuprovince".

As an important platform for cooperation betweenlarge-scale enterprises and universities, Jiangsu postgraduate workstation isapplied for, funded and constructed by enterprises and introduced intouniversity graduate teams for technical research and development. Graduatestudent workstation is also an important base for cultivating graduatestudents' innovative and practical ability. In 2015, the Jiangsupostgraduate workstation jointly built by Genchem and Nanjing normaluniversity was approved to be established. The workstation is equipped with ahigh-level joint guidance team and has formulated sound rules and regulationsas well as living security support measures. In recent years, theworkstation makes full use of the high-quality resources of both enterprisesand universities to jointly train postgraduates, forming a close and stableindustry-university-research cooperation, and achieving a win-winsituation. The graduate students trained by the workstation haveoutstanding performance in employment competitiveness and professionalcompetence.

In 2018, 42 provincial outstanding postgraduate workstations wereselected. Genchem won the honor which is a full affirmation of thecompany's scientific and technological innovation, talent construction, industry-university-researchcooperation. In the future, the company will continue to increase theindustry-university-research cooperation with Nanjing Normal University, carryout cutting-edge research projects, adhere to innovation-driven, cultivate high-techtalents, and help the company develop at a high speed.

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