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Genchem received provincial standardization pilot project approval Pageviews:20 release time:2018-12-21

Jiangsu province bureau of quality and technical supervisionpublished ‘the provincial quality supervision and administration bureau issueda notice on Jiangsu high-tech independent innovation, strategic emergingindustries and circular economy standardization pilot project in 2018’. ‘Pilotproject of independent innovation and standardization in clean production ofamino acid protectants’ applied by Genchem is approved.

Under company leadership's strong support andconcern, and at the same time in doing a good job in the standard for productresearch and development, manufacturing services, closely rely on the researchand technical personnel, Genchem's technical standardization work seriously doa good job in the standard system revision, publicity, supervision and otherwork. 

Through the standardization pilot, the company willfurther enhance the standardization atmosphere, strengthen the product researchand development foundation; At the same time expand the company'sstandardization in the country, the popularity of the industry, to obtain morestandard system revision leading power to lay a solid foundation.

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